Why BB Natural's Micron-Grade 100% Canadian Ginseng Capsule & Powder?

 Raw Materials:

BB Natural selects top quality 4 years + Canadian Ginseng Roots directly from reputable Canadian Ginseng Growers, maximum potent;


BB Natural follows strictly Good Practice Manufacturings, uses the most advanced Bio-technology in production process, such as air flowing milling and so on to keep the maximum of Canadian Ginseng potent;


BB Natural's Micron Grade 100% Pure Canadian Ginseng is certified by Health Canada with NPN 80021590


Reasonable and affordable

Easy and secure to purchase on line, and timely delivery.

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Do you know anything about Canadian Ginseng?

Canadian Ginseng's natural Power has been known for centuries, both in Orient and Occidental World. In North America, it has been in the Native North American Cultures. 

More recently, North Americans and Europeans have discovered the wondeful restorative and tonic properties of this ancient root. Numerous scientific studies have shown that Canadian Ginseng Root is the Most Potent of all the cultivated Ginseng. 

  Finished Products: 

  • Finesse: the Canadian Ginseng Powder micronized upto 550 mesh, which procures 2-3 times better absorption ;
  • Purity: 100% pure Canadian Ginseng, no color, no sugar, no fiber mixed, noadditives. 

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